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   Cross-Federal Survey Measures of Disability: Making Meaning Out of Chaos
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   Working Paper 19003
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   Household Component
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   July 15, 2019
   Prevalence estimates of persons with disabilities are important for public health planning purposes. But it is often difficult to compare estimates derived across data sources due to survey differences: in purpose, scope, and target populations; in data collection processes, including questions and response categories; and in analysis, where specific measures will be constructed post data collection based on the availability of questions. Because of a desire to include more disability data in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's National Disparities and Quality Reports (NHDR/QR), a process was initiated in 2005 to examine this phenomenon for activity limitations. Activity limitations is an important component of the disability construct and provides a way of systematically looking at this important measurement issue for three national surveys: the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, National Health Interview Survey, and Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey. This process culminated in the development of comparable disability measures for the three surveys which measures have been used in the NHDR/QR since 2007. American Community Survey estimates are provided for comparison purposes.
   Frances M. Chevarley, PhD, David W. Kerr, and Barbara M. Altman, PhD
   Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
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   data_files/publications/workingpapers/wp_19003.pdf (737 KB)
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