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   Ambulatory Care Use and Expenditures among Non-Elderly Veterans, 2011-2015
Product type:
   Research Findings 39
MEPS component:
   Household Component
Publication date:
   September 11, 2018
   This report examines ambulatory care use and expenditures among non-elderly Veterans ages 18-64 in the U.S. noninstitutionalized population using pooled data from the 2011 through 2015 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS). Mean number of ambulatory care visits as well as estimates of total expenditures and sources of payment for these visits are presented for three groups of Veterans based on use of ambulatory care. In this report, Veterans' use of ambulatory care is categorized as follows: 1) use of only VA ambulatory care; 2) use of only non-VA ambulatory care; and 3) use of both types of ambulatory care. Veterans whose ambulatory care visits all had at least some portion of their associated medical expenditures paid for by the VA are classified as using "only VA care," while Veterans for whom no ambulatory care visits had any portion of expenditures paid for by the VA are classified as using "only non-VA care." Veterans with some ambulatory care visits having at least some medical expenditures paid for by the VA and some for which none of the associated expenditures were paid for by the VA are classified as having a "mix of VA and non-VA care."
   Didem M. Bernard, PhD and Zhengyi Fang, MS
   Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
   Web Only
MEPS Topics:
   Health Care Costs/Expenditures, Veterans' Health
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   data_files/publications/rf39/rf39.pdf (185 KB)
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