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Household Component Summary Tables
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The MEPS Household Component summary tables present national estimates from the Household Component of the MEPS survey in tabular form. Read MEPS-HC Summary Data Tables Technical Notes and Sample Design and Data Collection Process for details on the collection of individual data items (e.g., health insurance status, age, etc.). The estimates using MEPS data provided here in tabular form are based on data available in standardized public use data files.

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Table Series
icon indicating that links to table series are listed below the table series group which follows this icon Household Component

Expenditures per Person by Health Care Service: mean and median expenses per person for all health care services and selected groupings of services (prescription medicines, dental services, hospital inpatient and outpatient services, emergency room services, office-based medical provider services, and home health services) full list

Expenditures per Event by Health Care Service Type: utilization and mean expenses per event for different types of services (ambulatory, inpatient, and home health) full list

Expenditures by Medical Condition: expenses per household-reported medical condition by site of service (outpatient and office-based medical provider visits, hospital inpatient stays, emergency room visits, prescribed medicines, and home health services) full list

Health Insurance: data on health insurance coverage by type of coverage (including private individually purchased non-group insurance) and selected population characteristics (age, employment status, sex, race/ethnicity, marital status, metropolitan statistical area, and census region) full list

Quality of Care: data on medical care associated with diabetes, preventive health care services, barriers to health care services, access to health care services, and experiences during delivery of health care services full list

Access to Care full list

Top Prescribed Drugs: total expenditures, total purchases, and number of users for the top prescribed drugs full list

State-Level Medical Expenditures: percentage of persons with an expense, mean expense per person with an expense, and percentage of total paid out of pocket for all health care services and selected groupings of services (prescription medicines, dental services, and office-based medical provider services) full list

  Insurance Component
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