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Update Notes

MEPS HC-126E: 2009 Emergency Room Visits (Final)

Update #2: 11/22/13

STATA Programming Statements have been added.

Update #1: 11/30/11

The earlier release of the 2009 Preliminary Emergency Room Visits File has been replaced and updated by the 2009 Final Emergency Room Visits File to include the following variables: ERDMD09X ERDMR09X ERDOF09X ERDOR09X ERDOT09X ERDOU09X ERDPV09X ERDSF09X ERDSL09X ERDTC09X ERDTR09X ERDVA09X ERDWC09X ERDXP09X ERFMD09X ERFMR09X ERFOF09X ERFOR09X ERFOT09X ERFOU09X ERFPV09X ERFSF09X ERFSL09X ERFTC09X ERFTR09X ERFVA09X ERFWC09X ERFXP09X ERHEVIDX ERTC09X ERXP09X FFEEIDX FFERTYPE IMPFLAG MPCDATA

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