Update Notes

MEPS HC-130: MEPS Panel 13 Longitudinal Data File

Update #3: 02/09/18

The Round 3 variables describing “Number of Missed Days” (DDNWRK3, DDNSCL3, OTHNDD3) and “Number of Days Spent in Bed” (WKINBD3, SCLNBD3, DDBDYS3) have been revised to include information from both Year 1 and Year 2. The prior versions have only included information from Year 2.

Update #2: 11/22/13

STATA Programming Statements have been added.

Update #1: 06/15/12

The SPSS Programming Statements have been updated to read all data variables. The prior version did not read past the default SPSS column location of 8,192, and incorrect column locations were cited past column 10,000.