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Update Notes

MEPS HC-160A: 2013 Prescribed Medicines File

Update #1: 2/02/18

A problem was discovered with the linking between the MEPS Prescribed Medicines files and the Cerner Multum file that resulted in some incorrect therapeutic classes being assigned. The Multum Lexicon Addendum files (HC-068) contain the corrected therapeutic classes. Analysts should use caution when using the Cerner Multum therapeutic class variables for analysis and should always check for accuracy, because the Multum classification has been changed by the addition of new classes and subclasses, and by changes in the hierarchy of classes. See the documentation for the Multum Lexicon Addendum files for examples.

The Multum Lexicon Addendum files (HC-068) also contain an additional variable not in the 1996 through 2012 MEPS Prescribed Medicines files: the generic name of the drug most commonly used by prescribing physicians.

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