Update Notes

MEPS HC-070: 2002 Full Year Consolidated Data File

Update #6: 11/22/13

STATA Programming Statements have been added.

Update #5: 06/30/11

The ASCII data file was updated so that values of ADILCR42, ADILWW42, ADRTCR42 and ADRTWW42 are now consistent with the codebook and the SAS transport version which was updated 06/21/06. Update #2 incorrectly states that the ASCII file was updated at that time. Note that when update #2 went into effect and the variable ordering of the SAQ variables ADILCR42, ADILWW42, ADRTCR42 and ADRTWW42 was corrected, the values DID change.

Update #4: 07/31/09

The variable SAQWT02F has an incorrect label. The label should read "FINAL SAQ PERSON WEIGHT, 2002".

Update #3: 12/12/07

The variable FOODCT02 on the HC-070 data file should not be used because it is based on an invalid question in the survey instrument. This question asks "About how much did the family pay each month for food stamps?" when in fact, as of 1979, the food stamp program no longer maintained a purchase requirement. All responses are considered invalid.

Update #2: 06/21/06

The HC-070 codebook, data files (both ASCII and SAS Transport), user's notes, and documentation files have been revised to reflect the correct ordering of the SAQ variables ADILCR42, ADILWW42, ADRTCR42, and ADRTWW42. No values have changed.

Update #1: 03/11/05

The HC-070 codebook and data files (both ASCII and SAS Transport) have been revised. The revised version reflects corrections made to the Access to Care variables MDDLAY42, DNDLAY42, and PMDLAY42.

The HC-070 documentation has also been replaced with an updated version. This version reflects minor edits throughout the document and additional information in section 2.0.

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