Update Notes

MEPS HC-087: 2004 Medical Conditions

Update #3: 11/22/13

STATA Programming Statements have been added.

Update number #2: 04/19/07

In HC-087 documentation the last sentence of the last paragraph in section 2.6.1 should read as follows:

"CONDIDX uniquely identifies each condition (i.e., each record on the file) and is the combination of DUPERSID and the condition number CONDN. For CONDIDX the condition number is padded with leading zeroes to insure consistent length."

Update number #1: 03/26/07

Analysts should use the CCS codes listed in the Conditions PUF document (HC-087) and the Appendix to the Event Files (HC-085I) when analyzing MEPS conditions data. Although there is a list of CCS codes and labels on the HCUP Web site, HCUP updates that occurred after the release of the 2004 MEPS PUFs are not reflected in the MEPS data.

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