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Update Notes

MEPS HC-097: 2005 Full Year Consolidated Data File

Update #4: 05/30/14

The file documentation has been revised with corrected instructions in section 3.5 for creating CPS-family estimates. The variable identifying the CPS-family reference person is FCRP1231 and not FAMRFPYR as previously written.

Update #3: 11/22/13

STATA Programming Statements have been added.

Update #2: 07/31/09

The variable SAQWT05F has an incorrect label. The label should read "FINAL SAQ PERSON WEIGHT, 2005".

Update #1: 05/30/08

The variables pertaining to honorable discharge status (HONRDC31/42/53) have been removed from the 2005 full year consolidated data file.  This is because the honorable discharge questions were changed during 2005, and only half of the full-year sample members were asked the relevant questions. 

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