Cancer SAQ Pretest Reports for 2011 Survey Year

AHRQ in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the American Cancer Society has developed a self-administered questionnaire (SAQ) to be administered in data year 2011, for current cancer patients and cancer survivors identified in the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. The SAQ was put through a cognitive testing process and here are the results of that cognitive testing process.

Round 1 Cognitive Testing of the MEPS Cancer SAQ (HTML)
Round 2 Cognitive Testing of the MEPS Cancer SAQ (HTML)
Cognitive Testing of the Spanish Translation of the MEPS Cancer SAQ (HTML)
Your Experiences with Cancer (Cancer SAQ - English) (PDF, 1,324 KB) or HTML format
Sus Experiencias con el Cáncer (Cancer SAQ - Spanish) (PDF, 1,842 KB) or HTML format